About Pisam
Pisam (Product Information Strategy and Management) is a consulting firm specialising in all aspects of Product Information development.

Gershon Joseph, founder and CEO of Pisam, has over 30 years' experience developing highly technical product documentation, and over 20 years' experience implementing advanced content management and single sourcing paradigms, methodologies and technologies. Gershon has successfully migrated tens of Fortune 500 enterprises and startups to DITA XML and component content management systems, introduced cutting-edge processes and techniques to manage localisation and reduce localisation costs, and successfully trained hundreds of Product Information developers (technical writers, instructional designers, etc.).

Gershon Joseph is an entrepreneur born and raised in South Africa, currently living in Israel. Gershon has delivered keynote addresses at major industry events and actively contributes to the development of industry standards. 

Pisam offers one-on-one coaching to executives responsible for Product Information development, consulting and implementation engagements to organisations, and training for Product Information developers. Pisam also provides outsourcing of Product Information development for startup companies, with a process that seamlessly transfers over to the company in the future.
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